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Shure VP83F condenser shotgun Mic with built-in MicroSDHC recorder
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    VP83/VP83F LensHopper™ are camera-mount condenser microphones and the VP83F with integrated flash recording/ playback (MicroSDHC) that enables WAV file capture at 24-bit / 48kHz sampling rate.

    • Highly directional supercardioid / lobar polar pattern
    • Isolation suspension system to mount via standard-size shoe mount with a 1/4" threaded base
    • Dedicated headphone audio output for real-time headphone monitoring
    • Micro SD card slot allows “pop-out” card access
    • Back-lit LCD screen features activity monitoring from home screen, including indicators for audio and battery metering, track information, headphone volume, mic gain, low-cut filter, and remaining recording time
    • Five-position joystick provides controls for headphone monitoring, low-cut filter and mic gain adjustments, track management, and playback support (Play, Pause, Forward, and Rewind)
    • One-touch Record button
    • Adjustable user gain (up to 60 dB in 1dB increments)
    • 10 Hours of battery life from 2 AA alkaline batteries
    • Price is $350 (see, for example, B&H and Amazon)

    VP83 Users Guide - PDF

    == Preview: ==

    350 x 350 - 40K
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  • I have a use for the f version, I suspect it performs similar to the Rode Video Mike Pro but with flash record and earphone monitoring function.

    Hope it's around $150-200 and better wind isolated than the RVMP, the body and mount is sensitive to wind even if the mic is in a fur windsock, needs to go fully in a blimp.

  • @Rambo In fact, in January 2012 RØDE made a pre-announcement of 'VideoMic HD', which also suppose to offer the integrated digital recorder (microSDHC),

    However, I've not seen any real prototype of this product, or production plans or the price.

  • Why does this mic have to be so big? A dedicated SDXC recorder should be no more than a 1 inch by 2 inch circuit board. Plus the battery, which is already in the microphone, and a display panel... It looks to me as though Shure is trying to make it look as though such a recorder is a significant piece of hardware, rather than the insignificant piece of hardware it really is these days...

  • Quite a good idea. It doesn't seem so big to me. I agree about the possible need for a blimp, although a homemade furry could be made rather easily to slip over the mic. The price is key. I expect it to be at least $250.

  • Thanks, I wasn't aware of the proposed Rode model, looks the goods as well.

    Guess well have to wait.

  • @Rambo let's hope Rode keep the price reasonable. 'Portable' RF bias microphones are so hard to find these days. The NTG3 is a decent small shotgun. I like the (small) integrated blimp, too :)

  • Review of Shure VP83/VP83F LensHopper by B&H, which offers it at price of $349

    Still no news from RØDE about VideoMic HD.

  • Still no news from RØDE about VideoMic HD.

    Yep, it is very strange virtual product.

  • Really happy with VP83 for run and gun on my GH3. Compared to Rode Videomic Pro has better build in metal, smaller in size and discrete, sound seems cleaner with stronger side and rear rejection. Only posting as has been a long search for me to find a suitable mic for this purpose but very happy now.

  • @nod, can you please attach a sample sound clip with the vp83 from your GH3? Thanks.