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HDMI onboard monitor with 2x anamorphic desqueeze?
  • Hello everybody
    First of all thanks to Vitaliy for everything. Take your time. It will be great.

    I have a GH2 with a set of old Russian Lomo anamorphic lenses.
    Does any of you know a HDMI onboard monitor with a setting to desqueeze the anamorphic picture to proper 1:2.35 format for viewing?

    I know the Zacuto EVF can do this. But is there a cheaper option?

    I will be happy about any hints.

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  • In fact any monitor can do this after small firmware change.
    You can ask manufacturer of 10" monitor in corresponding thread to make such change.
    They are registred on our forum under Konsta nick.
  • Oh wow.

    I will do that. Thanks.