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Varavon Loupe for GH3
  • gh3-loupe2.jpg
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  • Tripod screws underneath?

  • @Sph1nxster

    You want on the side? :-)

  • I really hope they addressed the issue with the eye cup tabs. They are the weakest link on this item, well actually that's the only weak link on this item. The rest is rock solid. Good to see they didn't up the price since it's a hot new product.

  • Does this loupe also work with the screen closed against the body like the LOUPE EX-SOLO or is it only with the screen folded out?

  • Can the loupe be positioned against the LCD when it's flush against the back of the GH3?

  • It's possible to adapt the old loupe (the one for the GH2) with the new piece holding in the lcd? Just to save some space in the bag!

  • Can the loupe be positioned against the LCD when it's flush against the back of the GH3?

    Nope, thay make other loupes for this.

    It's possible to adapt the old loupe (the one for the GH2) with the new piece holding in the lcd? Just to save some space in the bag!

    This one I do not know for sure, will post as I got update.

  • Thanks Vitaliy, I assume you can turn the eyepiece if you use your left eye instead of the right? What is the magnification, I don't see specs on it or on their website? I wonder how this compares to the Zacuto Z-finder which costs freaking $395!?

  • Eye piece is just rubber thing, don't know what can prevent to turn it.

    As for magnification and specs - it is fully custom product for GH3, so all is made properly :-)

  • Hi Is this a prototype? Varavon has developped this loupe specially for the GH3? Is it already for sale? Not seen on Varavon website... Did you test it? First steps on this forum. GH3 user. Thanks!

  • @Glenn

    It is not prototype, just P-V is usually first in offering new Varavon items.

    It was for sale during Varvon day, I'll add it to persistent deals later.

  • If the eye piece is the same a the GH2 model, it can change. You need to pull it off and snap it back in facing the other way. It looks the same in the pics. Beware though, the plastic tabs that hold the eyecup to the main body are very weak and thin. Mine broke some time ago but some gaffe tape fixed it right up! Now it has character :)

  • Anybody got this yet?

  • Hello Vitaliy (first post down here),

    Do you know what's the purpose of the little red knob on the front of the baseplate ?

    For those interested, I just found an simple/economic/practical solution to use a Varavon Loupe EX UNI with the oled flipped out on the GH3. I'll put some pictures, or maybe a video in the next days.

    (I hope I'm not off topic, because I'm still talking about a Varavon loupe on the GH3)

  • @Sph1nxter Got mine today. Unfortunately, partially broken. One of the plastic parts that hold the screen broke half off. The packaging was poor. I am still ablte to attach it though. First impression is very good. Most of the parts are quite sturdy considering the price point. Once attached to the GH3, it is stable enough to be used in the field. I am at work now, so can't test it yet. Will post pictures later.

    @Reznik the tilt machanism is attached to a small plate that slides into the baseplate that you attach to the GH3. The red knob secures the sliding plate. If you loosen it you can easily take take off the entire loupe.

  • some quick and dirty pics of a superlight GH3 shoulder rig with the Varavon loupe.

    Don't have much time tonight, but first impression is still good. With the loupe I can focus pretty well without focus magnification. You can see the pixels now , but most of the time it is not that annoying.

    Very good for a light setup.

    The loupe is a bit too far on the left sideof the screen, so it does cut off a tiny bit of on the right, but that could be just my copy. I am talking about 1mm or a bit more maybe.

    Foto Kopie.JPG
    1632 x 1224 - 312K
    Foto Kopie 3.JPG
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    Foto Kopie 2.JPG
    1632 x 1224 - 707K
  • Thanks Tobsen, seems very well designed.

    Here's the video I was talking about using the EX UNI loupe with the GH3 (screen on the back or pulled out) :

  • @P13DM Yep, mine broke off too on my GH2 and I was never hard on it. I was hoping they fixed this issue with the new one but I guess not. IMO it is a VERY weak point that should have been addressed. I've tried contacting them a few times about this but have never received a response. Lesson learned :)

  • @P13DM @vicharris on my GH3 loupe, part of the plastic that helps to hold the screen broke off during transport. Contacted them and within a week I had replacement parts and some nice goodies in the mail. Actually, they offered me a new loupe, but I said that would require a lot of work with customs so I would be fine with replacement parts.

  • Any word on when will it be released to the public?

  • @ntsan

    To what public? You can get it any time here.

  • How do i buy one?

  • Got my one from ebay, the bracket slide into the quick release plate is pretty stiff, so is the eye cup. The loupe fitting the LCD is pretty much perfect, but I got right side of the LCD viewing slightly cutoff as I can't push the bracket in more (maybe need to sand the edge?)

    Overall I like this one a lot more than the 5.6" LCD Monitor I had for shoulder rig setup, it also add more stability too against your head, the angled viewing is definitely a big plus over any other LCDVF solution

    You can still have headphone monitoring if the LCD is not angled though

  • I'm about to order one and wanted to loop back in with you guys. Everyone happy with theirs for achieving focus in bright sunlight?

  • Only complaint is that it fogs up, but I think there may be products that you can buy to minimize this and perhaps other models do this as well. Although this is only a problem when I am shooting live events and I have to be constantly maintaining focus.