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Forth bridges - GH3 timelapse and video footage
  • Here's a wee video I did almost entirely on a GH3 over the past few months (two clips are GH2)

    It's a mixture of video and time-lapse of the Forth road and rail bridges around Edinburgh in Scotland. Initially I was just using it as a learning exercise about the GH3, but the bridge folks liked it themselves and started using it.

    There are some dust bunnies in there, but I have learned not to go beyond F16 these days

    I managed to get 510 feet up to the top of the Forth road bridge, but the barriers were moving so much my timelapse photo's were all blurred, so it's only shaky video footage from the top (I will take a proper tripod up next time)

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  • Very nice work! Some really great shots. Gave me vertigo thinking about you dangling at the top of the bridge. How'd you get up there?

  • pretty easy @Conundrum You get a lift most of the way up and then climb a ladder for the last 40 feet, but you need to tether your kit to ensure nothing falls onto the traffic below