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GH 2 Newbie
  • Hi folks, just saying hello to you all as I work my way through this site. I'm about 5 months down the track with my GH 2 and progressing reasonably well. I have been in the tele industry for too many years to admit to, and realised that approaching my twilight years I wouldn't be able to tell my grandkids how to fire up a digital camera or use one. I really like this beginners thread and was brave enough to take the advice of a couple of vids and update my firmware yesterday to 1.1 and guess what ?...It worked. I then had a rush of blood and gave the Quantum X "span my bitch" a go and guess what? ...tested the camera out this morning and only got 2.5 minutes on 24p before it told me my SD (16g 30mbs) cant keep up so I went home and transferred the footage. Exactly what I was looking for. Great detail in shadows and overexpoure. Best get myself a new SD now. Cheers, Haberdasher (from OZ)