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Oblivion, Behind the Scenes
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  • Interesting. I think that this is a step to right direktion in the world of VFX. Skyhouse is really cool.

  • After seeing the trailers I was wondering how they managed to get this very beautyfull look of the skyhouse...

    now I know and I think that its the perfect way of doing it. It doesn't LOOK LIKE natural lighting, it IS natural lighting - very cool.

  • $120 million budget. It looks terrific. Lets hope the film is equal to the pictures we are seeing. Early reviews say its very Tom Cruise, direction (not brilliant) - the writer directs - and borrows a lot from many classic SF films of the past. The story contains a few glaring black holes. Bladerunner reigns supreme still.

  • why does Top Gun come into my mind?

  • Loved it. Especially the spacecraft with higgumbobs. Thats a great idea for the demographic! Thanks againVK

  • There was far too much GRAPHICAL DESIGN PORN (TM). Triangles everywhere (so why weren't the drones triangular aswell when you had the chance, guys? ;-) Didn't make me care for the characters. Cinematography 101: Talking heads, NARRATION (did I mention NARRATION?), landscapes and "action" sequences with no sense of peril. Really cheesy one liners! One could say the movie left me oblivious of it. Looking forward to Elysium and some real gutsy sci-fi :)

  • The Behind The Scenes is far more interesting than the final movie :(

  • Kubrick used front projection in 2001: a space odyssey using large format stills. Later in Hollywood, Introvision used front projection for movies like Rambo III using projected film. It looked very realistic on set.

  • Good article about Oblivion:

    What influenced your choice of F65 camera for Oblivion?

    Originally Joe was wishing for a 4K release of Oblivion but that didn’t happen. A lot has to do with finances and time crunch. VFX said that if you need to release in 4K, it’s another month and a half of time they would need for rendering and pipeline and checking and all that kind of stuff. It was also a huge additional cost as well and the studio didn’t want to go for that, even though Joe was really pushing for that.

    The Oblivion website says shot in 4K.

    Shot in 4K. The DI was done in 2K and it is released in 2K. Yes, we shot in 4K. It’s all captured in Sony’s 4K RAW format. We have the full RAW so I guess with their new de-mosaicing you can now go 8K if you want. It’s all a matter of how you de-mosaic the image, but our original intent was 4K.

    A lot of the VFX work was in 4K for some of the shots, for stabilization, for mattes or plates and sometimes they did work in 4K, but the final render was for speed, I must say the 2K image is very sharp. It’s nothing to be sneezed at.

    The choice of the camera was originally for 4K. Were there any other factors in terms of the way it worked or looked?

    Joe and I liked the way it looked. I think it suited this movie. Some of it is kind of clinical and Joe liked the Sony look on Tron. So he said, “Keep it going, let’s be on the cutting edge.” I shot camera tests. For Oblivion, the look of this movie was F65.

    Describing a look from cameras and lenses can be almost like describing a wine. What is the particular look of a Sony F65?

    It’s a little cleaner. It’s very resolute and it has a huge color gamut. All these new cameras need to be properly treated. There are certain advantages of Alexa on some shows and of F65 on others. I feel like I really have no allegiance toward any one camera. I just feel like a camera is used for the job.

    But not many people feel that way. Some people say you can’t pry this or that camera out of their hands. Some people think the F65 is a huge data gobbler. But if your pipeline’s ready for it, it’s a good big thing. But people have to be a little bit prepared for it. One day I think we shot over 10 terabytes—in one single day. But properly treated, it’s really a great camera. There’s a huge dynamic range. It has all the things you want. It holds well in the highlights. It gives you a great base for being malleable. You have to know how treat it, how you shoot with it, just like any other camera. I think people are going to be blown away by Oblivion. I just finished the DI. It looks great. People come up like Brad Bird, who saw it in post, and he goes, “Wow. It looks amazing.”

    I think this movie is going to give people good second thoughts about this camera. Our Sky Tower sequences, all done in-camera, look great. Iceland is stunning. That’s where we really wanted the 4K for the textures and what we got out of the camera was great: these beautiful exteriors in Iceland that we wanted to capture in full rez and background. When we saw it back in 4K it was stunning.