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GH2 Hack final step problem.
  • I have been trying to hack a GH2 camera for the past two days. I try with both PC and Mac and I get the same result. I've gone through all the steps, but once I load the SD card to the camera and hit the play button I get this message: "no valid picture to play". Can anyone help me with this problem. Thanks

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  • Make sure the firmware .bin file is named correctly. (GH2__V12.bin with two underscores, and don't add an extra .bin extension if your operating system shell is set to hide file extensions) Format the card in the camera before copying the firmware .bin file to it. Make sure you place the firmware .bin file in the root of the SD card. Try a different memory card, or a smaller card. Try setting a higher version increment in PTool.

  • The file in named correctly "GH2__V12.bin", I even checked to make sure the underscores are correct. I formatted the card in the camera before loading the file. The files is next to "GH2__V12.bin" are three files: DCIM, MISC, and private. I load it and still the same results, "no valid picture to play". I tried a different SD card three of them actually: 2gb toshiba, 4gb lexar, and 64gb sandisk. An I try a higher version and different one in pTool. Still no success, could it be something else?

  • Try Menu, Setup, Reset on the camera.

  • I tried it and still no success. I even re-downloaded everything and try a tutorial from this website. I still get the same message.

  • Might you be waiting too long to hit the 'Play' button? You want to do it pretty much right away when you switch the cam on, otherwise you're just switching to the Play mode, and there's nothing on there to play.

  • I hit the play button as soon as the camera is on and even try holding it and still no results. Could it be the SD card I am using?

  • Problem solved! I purchase a different SD card and it worked perfect. Thanks for all your help balazer and jeffharriger.