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Matching Sony Colors
  • I'm going to use mostly Sony camcorders on a shoot and the GH2 for close ups and shallow DOP stuff. The Sonys see colors in a different way (Cinema tone) and my question is if anyone has experience of choosing a matching color profile on the GH2?

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  • Which Sony camcorder will you be using? I have the VG20, and the colours are quite different from the GH2. Sony tends to be alot more neutral, muted, in that sense it might be easier to match Canon and Sony. Panny colors tend towards the green side.

  • @kazuo

    They are using CX740s with Cinema Tone gamma to get smoother highlight roll off.

    I have a NEX 5R, but it has overheating issues, so I want to play it safe with a GH2 instead.

  • I've read conflicting views about Sony's cine gamma tone. The VG20's cine gamma is muted, or shall I call it more restrained - I am not sure what kind of gamma curve Sony effects with his mode, but the colors do come out flatter, less vibrant. It's definitely different from FS100. I reckon the CX740 shares the same cine gamma?

    On the other hand, the normal mode has nicer contrast, and lends itself better to manipulation in post. I have tried shooting with both normal and cine gamma on the vg20, and for me, not using the cine gamma seems to work better.

    You could still shoot in normal mode and protect highlights by underexposing, and then raising mid levels in post.