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Anton Bauer 160Ah battery life with GH2 & monitor
  • So, building my GH2 rig, I want a big Anton Bauer style battery on the back to power my monitor/ viewfinder and the GH2.

    The added advantage is that it will balance the rig and place the weight all on my shoulder, and off my hands and arms.

    So, here's my calculations, which are a little alarming:

    GH2 is 3.4W (nominal) power consumption Neway 7" monitor is 8W power consumption

    8W + 3.4W = 11.4W

    160Ah battery is the Gold mount battery I am considering, from - about £170

    A x V = W

    160Ah x 14.4v = 2304Wh

    2304Wh / 11.4w = 202 Hours!!!

    Could it even approach 202 Hours?

    To check I looked at the same calculations with a 7000mAh (7Ah) large camcorder battery, which came to 4.4 Hours, which is believable.

    So, 202 Hours!!!????!!!! Really? Did I go wrong somewhere here?

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  • The battery is 160WH not 160 AH. so you could get about 13.5 hours max.

    Voltage : 14.4 V Full voltage : 16.8+/-0.1 V Cutoff voltage : 11 V Capacity : 160 Wh <----------- not AH but WH Power limit : 79 W

    Just a FYI, a 160AH battery of the lightest kind would be around 25KG and a full blown AGM/Gel would be about 50KG++. Not something you would want on your shoulder, even if the rest of the rig is quite light :-)


  • Ah, of course. Thanks. I knew that my maths was ok, and that the result was wrong, but couldn't see how or why!

    13.5 hours for the monitor and GH2 is perfect though, and also a great counterweight!

  • @LucasAdamson Please, can you post here links of your battery configuration ? thanks