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Korg Volca Analogue Grooveboxes
  • These look like loads of fun!

    Volca Keys is a simple but supposedly powerful polyphonic analogue synth with loop sequencer; Volca Bass is a 3-oscillator analogue bass synth with an Electribe-inspired 16-step sequencer; and Volca Beats features analogue drum sounds inspired by classic rhythm machines and a 16-step sequencer.

    Each of the instruments features MIDI IN – something that was sadly lacking on Korg's previous pint-sized synth offerings - and sync jacks. The Volcas can be battery powered and come with built-in speakers. They can be used individually or in combination.

    Best of all, we hear that each Volca is set to sell for $150, which leads us to suspect that these things are going to fly off the shelves.

    460 x 259 - 18K
    460 x 259 - 25K
    460 x 259 - 24K
    460 x 259 - 24K
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  • I like the fact that these operate on batteries.. Portable musical fun : ) any info on when these might be arriving?

    Edit.. Looks like September 2013.