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Lockport HDMI protector for GH3
  • Hi

    After the first production testing with the GH3, we had some challenges with the mini HDMI connector. We actually broke one adapter moving the camera. We have constant connection of a long HDMI cable for waveform monitoring with Scopebox.

    I heard about a product from Lockport Universal

    Does anybody have experience with this product on a GH3. Would be great to get some thoughts.

    How does it work with baseplate (they say on their page that it works with redrock without modifications

    Cheers Chris

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  • I have one for my D800. At first it seems rather expensive - but actually it's a bargain. I bought it after I bent some pins in the Camera's HDMI connector - something that is likely (inevitably, actually) to happen with even just occasional use of a mini or micro HDMI connector. After paying over $260 plus $30 shipping and insurance to get the camera repaired I came to the conclusion that the LockPort is a very good idea. They are very well made and if you mess up the adapter's full sized connector you can replace it fairly cheaply. You can buy extra connectors when you purchase the LockPort.

  • @PhilC that looks like a great low budget solution.

  • Thanks for the tips. Still after a solution like Lockport.

    To Lockcircle: please do a GH3 adapter and please do not call your products universal if they do only work for certain cameras! Or do they work with the GH3?

  • @cbrandin and others who have this product, help needed. Could you check your adapters and compare to my measurements from the GH3.

    Challenges - HDMI port location (does the universal adapter fit? Can the screen be used open? => how broad is the vertical mounting for the adapter?) - Large, rotating screen (adapter corners seem somewhat lifted for positioning, GH3 screen is large and reaches until down)

    Position of mounting hole not as crutial as this could be changed easily by drilling an aditional whole (of course, this might be tricky if the differences are minimal).

    Production is in June, so time is ticking. I'm not that good of a DIY person and I do not have the tools.

    Thanks for any help :)

    320 x 240 - 37K
    320 x 240 - 34K
    320 x 240 - 32K
    320 x 240 - 32K
    320 x 240 - 44K
    320 x 240 - 42K
  • It looks like they don't have anything for the GH3. I'm not sure the universal one will work. If you look at this page: you'll see that there will be a problem. There is the rear brace on the mounting plate which will effectively prevent the display panel from being able to be moved at all. The rest can probably work, but might need some holes drilled, etc... They list on their web site which cameras the universal model works with and the GH3 is not mentioned.

    When I got the one for my D800 I contacted them with questions and they were very responsive. You might want to contact them with your questions as I don't have the "universal" version so I can't make any measurements.

    Ultimately, the LockPort may not be a good solution for you. When you asked about the LockPort originally I thought they may have a GH3 version, but it appears they don't. Too bad, because it's a pretty nice product.

  • Looks like a great product ! I had a really hard time with my GH3 and a 7" marshall monitoring. I just left a message to the lockport site asking about a version for GH3...

  • Well,I just got a message back from the lockport team. Bad news, they won't make a version for the GH3. :( As usual, lot of accessories for 5d etc... But not much for GH3...

  • Just got an answer from Lockcicle => "We are not going to make the GH3 version!". I think they are doing a mistake there, anyway, moving on to another vendor.