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Vanilla Hack Crashing Sandisk Extreme 95mb/s
  • I applied the vanilla hack, tested it and was able to crash it reliably at 12000 ISO even when using the SanDisk Extreme PRo SDHC UHS-I Card 32GB. (Any rapid or semi rapid pan crashed it). I did some further testing (rapid pans at regular ISOs) and it seemed stable enough to bring on a shoot, so now I'm out in the field and it occasionally crashes at 160 ISO when dealing with complex outdoor scenery.

    I'm confused and surprised that a card rated up to 95mb/s is crashing with a hack that is at 44mb/s??? Has anyone else experienced this? It also crashes on my older Transcend Class 10 16GB cards but not that much more frequently. Completely lame given the cost differential between these two cards.

    I'm considering reverting back to baseline, but nervous to do so in the middle of a shoot (the vanilla hack was my first hack on the GH2 so this is still new to me). For now I'm working around it. Any advice or thoughts are appreciated.

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  • Vanilla wouldn't be considered one of the top hacks around here.

    Try a popular hack and see if your problems are fixed. If you still have problems, it's your card or your camera.

  • The eoshd hacks were the first ones i tried. I had problems with both of them. I suggest one of driftwoods or bkmcwd settings, flow motion is alright aswell.