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4K raw camera at upcoming NAB rumors
  • Rough translation made by one of our members:

    We had so many problems with our video cameras lately. They are all outdated and price is hugely overblown. Look at our TV business, it is barely alive. Are we wanting to follow? We don't have much for uncoming NAB exhibition. And as I know one of competitors is preparing absolutely revolutional and cheap 4K resolution camera to be released at NAB. And it shoots this in raw. Imagine, 4K raw camera available for everyone! And where are we standing? Terrible!


    Some specs leaked in last week on different sites:

    • 4Kx4K square oversized m43 sensor
    • 13 stops dynamic range
    • Raw recording to external SSD
    • 120fps, but on what resolution?
    • No screen
    • Priced below BMC
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  • Interesting, I wait dont be an unfounded rumor.

  • Interesting, I wait dont be an unfounded rumor.

    Hope it is not. It is really time to get something with raw ability that could ship on time.

  • 43rumors says "manager (from Panasonic?)" he is clearly talking about a different company, so A, he is a Panasonic manager talking about another brand(I doubt this since the GH3 is selling like cupcakes after the GH2 did the same) or B, he is not from Panasonic talking about another brand.

    Where does the speculation become that he is taking about Panasonic, or a MFT in 4k in there?

    ... still, I hope that's case, cause that would be badass.

  • @kabuto1138

    It can be not only panasonic manager, can be Sony one. Both make cameras and both have issues with TV business.

  • the profile that has that video posted has NOTHING else posted. Weird. And look how corny that board behind him looks. with 4k and 2k plastered around.

    Still.. I hope is true.

  • the profile that has that video posted has NOTHING else posted.

    Why do you think that guy posting such leak will be doing this in his main account?

  • Don't know, but maybe he posted it his main account to NOT look more suspicious? but still, this will be a interesting next couple of weeks before whatever happens in NAB happens. And hopefully is THIS. MFT in 4k for less than the BMCC? a dream come true. That SpeedBooster(in June now?) cannot ship fast enough.

  • @kabuto1138

    My understanding is that camera will save on other parts, like it won't have any screen.

  • My Swedish source at NAB confirms detachable screen. The camera is modular with a barebones "black box" sensor core. The version he saw had a DSLR style grip attached and a 5" OLED screen, but there are ENG grips with zoom rocker available too. Panny's calling it a m4/1 system and it looks like Toschiba's making the sensor!

  • @oscillian so its not a DSLR?

  • This is insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGGMIGMGGMFOFMFOFMF

  • @oscillian did your source confirm MFT mount? Active? Regardless, this is a HISTORICAL leak.

  • Is it the same "something" that Vincent Laforet has been testing lately?

    If it is, it's probably from Canon...

  • In another thread, oscillian mentions that this is specifically a Panasonic piece... I don't really think canon has the brains to do something so revolutionary. The mkII was a happy accident.

    Vincent does have a lot of time booked at the canon booth though... Hmm, but he also never mentions a press release, or any brand specifically related to the new tech.

    I don't really know what could be better than 4k, raw 13 stops DR, square ratio, MFT mount for less than a BMC.

  • @oscillian It seems that red's lawyers will have more job and earn more money :p

  • @Faudel

    Hehe, exactly what I was thinking. I'd be pretty surprised if Panasonic churned out a modular RAW camera, but I guess if Sony's already done it (albeit at an upper price bracket), it's certainly possible. Anyways, it's about time Panasonic did something more than the dinosaur that the AF100 is.

  • 4k RAW @ 120 FPS is really hard to work with.

  • I think the question at this point, that I feel really needs to be discussed is do we need 4k? I mean with the data rates, and 2k upresing so well, and so few viewing devices in 4k...should Panasonic really be jumping on this bandwagon?

  • I am using 2K7x1440 protune on the GoPro, it looks better than 1920x1080. The extra pixels are great because I can crop the image and still get YouTube-usable video... With a decent Panasonic lens I would be really happy.

    That is, as long as the video isn't limited to 30 minute chunks... I have run GoPro for 3hrs+ (on external battery)

  • My contact is currently asleep and his was quite busy preparing for the show, but he said he would try to get some pictures of the camera later today :)


    Not a DSLR, but with the grip attached it sort of fooled my source into thinking so :)

  • As for 4K, HD or 1080 will be like SD once 4K becomes mainstream to the home, even if it takes many years (decade?) to happen across the board. If we can now start to cost effectively record quality 4K at 422 and/or 444, yes please! That said, paid commercial work, budgets, deadlines and workflow, it may still be better to shoot certain projects for certain clients with a current 1080 camera, for now... Your view on the matter may vary.

    @trevmar. Reference to GoPro, middle of page 8 >> "show some new proof-of-concept technology" at NAB 2013.

  • now panasonic is being reborn with thisnew tech.

    for me, the have the best prosesors and image sensors for its class. Even now, old hpx500 looks simply amazing. in hope they bump their sensor tech.

    big up for pana

  • Anyone hear any info on pricing?

  • A historical leak on April Fool's? Hmm...