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Panasonic 3D1, cheap entry into 3D world
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    Links to specs page -

    It can combine photos for more DR, shoot photos and videos without interruption, many things.

    Good thing that they are now available for quite cheap at ebay -

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  • Do you think you could hack this, @vitaliy_kiselev

  • @kavadni

    About hack. As far as I know firmware for it is not available.

    Otherwise, I just wrote that it is unique opportunity to get entry level 3D camera.

  • @vitaliy_kiselev ... yes it looks like fun ... and possibly useful ... car interiors :)
    The small interocular implies mostly useful for close up subjects. I will probably get one.
    It will be interesting to see how the optics perform compared to a pair of go pros.

  • The 3D1 does a good job of shooting 3D video from the reviews and examples I have seen (I do not own it but would not mind owning one).

    With the narrow lens spacing, its designed for "family photos" - that is, shooting photos and videos of the kids in close quarters at the play ground, around town or in the backyard. Yet, even with that spacing, you'll see depth out to perhaps 100 feet (32 meters). I just watched a demo of the Sony TD30's 20mm interaxial spacing and it provided discernible depth to a measured 215 feet (70 meters) in the demo. Realistically, though, your "depth box" is ideally going to be perhaps 9 feet (3 meters) out to 60 - 90 feet (20 to 30 meters).

    The 3D1 encodes the 3D video in to the standard side-by-side format. While it shoots at 1920 x 1080, this becomes 960 x 1080 for the left and 960 x 1080 for the right. Bringing this up is mostly a nit - you'd have to go to the Sony TD10/20/30 cameras to get a 3D encoding that stores two full 1920x1080 streams. However, for most viewing systems and Youtube, you'll end up encoding to side-by-side format anyway before your are done.

    You can find sample video output on Youtube and it does look good.

  • @edwardm

    Thanks for feedback.

    I want also add that for family photos and videos 3D has huge advantage over 2D. As it is much close to reality and make much more emotions as you see it.

    Small interaxial distance in 3D1 is an advantage for interior shots, as minimum usable distance is smaller.