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Fracking with a GH2
  • Thought I'd tackle an environmental issue and a broadcast example of the GH2 in action. This Fracking action was shot on a standard GH2 using a 14 - 140 with exTele using 720 x 50p (I So need PAL) Video footage was broadcast by ITN and the BBC. Any advice on getting a stable 720 x 50p setting?

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  • Just use the 32 mb/sec patch. If you really need more than 32 mb/sec will offer then I would turn on B-frames for 720p and just deal with needing to record a 1080p clip first. Do you really think that recording at an extreme bit rate will help if you are ultimately transmitting over a lower bit connection like cable tv?

    Your GH2 shots don't have much motion or noise in them. Will raising the bit rate really help you? Most of the shots appeared to be from a lower resolution camera like a Go-Pro. If those shots are good enough to use then why isn't 32 mb/sec good enough?
  • Nice cause brother Felix.