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Oldest lenses on GH2 / GH3
  • This is a fun topic to see who's actually utilizing the oldest lenses on their Panasonic GHX.. Can be both actual use in the field or just experimenting to see if it is possible to mount and attain focus. Pics if you got'em!

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  • Probably not the oldest lens being used on a GH2, but I'm using a 1972 Lomo 50mm f 2.2. Mounts easily with OCT-18 adapter and focus is very easy to attain.

  • I've got a 1961 Jupiter 8 that I've used a few times....flare central. Nice lens :)

  • I think Jupiter lenses go back to the 1940's. Would love to have or try a Canon Serenar

  • How about a 1955 Meyer-Optik Trioplan hacked on with a DIY adapter :)

    1280 x 853 - 184K
  • I've used my collapsable Industar-22 from 1953 with surprisingly good results

    1024 x 686 - 109K
  • I used a couple of Kern Paillard c mount lenses made for Bolex 16mm film cameras (25mm 1.5 Switar & 26mm 1.9 Pizar) dating back to the mid 50's for 90% of this video

  • My oldest lens is Zonnar Krasnojarsk/Zorkij 5cm f/2 made in 1950 in the USSR. It is predecessor of Jupiter-8, I use it also on GHx cameras but preferably on the NEX-7 for it has bigger and better sensor for the stills.

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  • Early 50's Takumar 200mm F5.6 lens in m42 mount. Sharp, focus is smooth as butter dressed in silk, as well as its stepless aperture! All in a very sleek small package. It looks and feels very much like a voightlander, it even has a similar 3D effect when used right. Color from this lens is astounding.

    This video is not the best example, but not the worst either