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Documentary shot on Hacked Gh2
  • I shot and edited this for the Central Westcoast Forest Society located on the west coast of Canada. They repair salmon spawning streams which were damaged by old logging practices.

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  • @wyatt250 wow, great docu. how many days did it take you to shoot?

  • thanks bangkng. was over a good 4 months, but, only 6 days in total. In that location it can be hard to find nice dry days to film.

  • That's incredible!

    What setting and lens? That is really, really..Good.

  • thanks Peter, appreciate it. I have changed the hack a couple times since. But at that time, I think it was close to the eoshd unified hack, something similar anyways.

  • Fantastic work. Sound is really well done too.

    What bits did you use the 5D III for, and why use both? You've got them cut really well too.

  • Thanks itimjim. The 5d was used as the cropped shot on the interviews except for the woman interview, t2i for that. And the 5d was used in some of the environment shots, but mostly the gh2. Both cameras did well, i thought. Very hard to match them if your going by their lcd's. I find it is best to pick the white balance you want and set it the same on both regardless if they look different at the time. I find the mark iii's lcd more true to the color you get in the files.