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Xeno slider . . . something new on the 'bay.
  • So I was on Ebay today, just browsing, when I came across this:

    Thoughts, opinions?

    to me it looks pretty well thought-through, unlike many "new" designs that are rally just knockoffs. It does look a little small, but then it also looks prety solid. Bearings are a plus, Aircraft grade is a plus, Made In USA (for me . . . I'm USA) is a plus.

    What do you think? It looks like this is the first produced unit. Perhaps someone should snag this and then maybe a group buy if it is good? I'm certainly thinking about it . . .

    800 x 271 - 14K
    800 x 571 - 107K
    800 x 571 - 67K
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  • Thanks.
    Looks like they are using standard rails.
    Minus is also that they have no legs.
  • its pretty no-nonsense looking, but the SmALLISM looks to be somewhat the same thing, but with some legs, etc. They're priced almost the same once shipping is included (for me), and now that I look at the smallism, it includes those ball adapters for use on light stands (of which I have several extras).

    My other option is a indiGO jib for an additional $100USD, which could be too bulky for indoors, but would likely well outpace any slider given enough space.