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HDSLRs that produce clean HDMI with audio?
  • So, with recorders like the Pix 240 available, making an HD reasonably priced camera system seems plausible. Good fixed lens (Canon FL and FD, for example) are available on eBay for a few hundred dollars at most. What's needed is the middle bit between lens and recorder: a camera with a large excellent sensor that outputs clean HDMI or SDI. From Leica to Pentax to Canon to Nikon or to whatever, does the camera exist? Just wonderin'
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  • As far as I know in HDSLR form factor all have flaws on HDMI output.
    May be new Sony cameras will have some advantage.
    But in same time they could have big problems with aliasing.
  • Honestly - with everything going on in the digital cinema world- you think that they wouldn't be so 'stupid' to constantly cripple the HDMI slot! It's not like its raw or anything... simply less compressed 1920*1080. These camera makers have to get their logic straight - honestly I don't see why Canon hasn't come out with a clean HDMI feed...

    Considering the 4k concept camera Canon made- (continuous streaming) possibly taking 'photos' could be a thing of the past... this could be why they are taking their time?? Big changes ahead!

    Just my 2 cents.

    (VK after posting the Kodak video on sensors and cosmic rays- I don't know how I am going to travel again! AH!)