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Future of SD card controller
  • I'm not computer guy so maybe my question will be ridiculous for somebody, but who cares ?
    I found this : , so can I use this with wifi connected hard disk ? Of course in the future there will be gear with USB3 or thunderbolt but I'm thinking of improvement of existing hardware. Can We use sd port to send data from camera to hard disk or computer by p.e. Ethernet ?
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  • As I understand Eye-Fi cards are not suitable for any video related things.
    Even on foto they use special tricky approach so company who produce them could get money for service also.

    In reality, until we'll see USB 3.0 and full support for it in LSI, do not expect much progress.
  • :)
    Eye Fi has direct mode.
  • Even mention of such thing as "direct mode" must warn you.
    As you really do not need any "indirect mode" during transfer of your pictures to your computer.
    Eye-Fi instist that you need such indirect approach.
  • A friend was bragging about such wireless card. But I really don't know how to use it in my workflow.

    I plug SDHC into a laptop and use Adobe LR3 to import photos. Instead of importing all, select only good ones. Oh don't forget the metadata. LR import uses a preset to copy the files into ext hdd. Then apply one of LR Develop presets and tweak little. Voila. Good looking photos under 10 mins. Completely manageable over long period, too.
  • If you read Josh's reply in the link Stefanos pasted it's describes the reasoning and workflow for these things:

    "Josh Blumental
    May 5th, 2011 at 8:12 pm
    I’ve been using my eyefi card for a few weeks now during what would have been “tethered” shoots.

    Most of the time, when I shoot tethered, I do so to satisfy a nosy, over-the-shoulder, client that insists on looking at the back of my camera. I hate being tied to a computer, but I hate clients demands even more.

    During my last location tether, I got tangled up in the cord and yanked my camera off the table. $400 in lens repairs later, I decided to give my wifi card another go, since I discovered the ad hoc feature during the release of the direct mode.

    I shoot with a 1Ds3. I send raw files to my CF card, and small .Jpg’s to the eyefi. They transfer fast and auto-import into LR. It’s enough to keep the client off my back and eliminates the tangled cord mess. No more yanking the camera!!!

    I give it a thumbs up for what it can do, but agree the direct mode is way too slow to do anything with."

    ...And like that. For me I'd rather have a wired tether or if wireless then at least something fast enough to send RAWs to CaptureOne at about 3 per second. Can the GH1 even shoot tethered? I haven't tried this yet I'm embarrassed to admit.