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Maximum lens weight GH3
  • What is the maximum lens weight for the GH3? I want to use my old Tokina 28-70 lens with a nikon f adapter as my walk around lens. It weights around 600g (~1,3p). Do you think it is okay for the gh3 body or it is gonna distort/rip the mount? It just feels that the m43 mount is small and weak compared to other mounts.

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  • While anything over 500 gram may become problematic, it is not so much the weight itself. BTW, Panasonic mentions a limit of 1 kilogram on the AF-100, which seems to have a somewhat sturdier mount.

    According to very basic mechanical rules, the length of the lens and it's internal weight distribution (think massive front glass) and the speed of panning (or any other acceleration/deceleration) can be much more dangerous.

  • The Panasonic 100-300mm for m43 is 520g, and should be well within the parameters of what the GH3 can handle.

  • If a lens feels too heavy, hold the lens (make sure adapter has tripod foot) instead of the camera. It will make the setup more stable anyway.. Or use a lens support / rig. Weight is not really an issue in any normal case. Inertia is.