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gh3 hotshoe
  • As others have experienced, the hotshoe on my gh3 has become loose. Ridiculously, it doesn't seem to be tightenable by a screw from the top. Has anyone managed to fix theirs? Is it a bad idea to super glue it? I only use mine as a cold shoe and hate hate hate sending my camera in unless it's %100 necessary.

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  • I'd also like to know in case this happens to mine (which sounds like it inevitably will from all the reports). For a $1,300 camera, this isn't very impressive.

  • @mintcheerios Nope, it sure doesn't and considering how bad their warranty service is, I wonder if they won't try charging $325.00 to fix it!

  • Check the topic based on GH3 problems. No need to create a new one when this has already been discused in great lengths. I'm sure V will kill this soon.

  • @vicharris I saw a lot of people comment on the fact that they had the problem, but it's a lot to filter though on that topic. The only solution I saw was that driftwood had sent his in under warranty. I'm curious if anyone has fixed theirs of if anyone thinks that gluing is a legitimate solution.

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