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Looking for a Film Composer
  • Hi Everyone

    We just finished shooting our Scary movie "The Killing Silence" in Morocco with GH2 of course.

    we are looking for someone to score our movie, any thoughts where we can find someone?

    our budget is non existing but we can pay $700, film credit and IMDB.

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  • Hi, i am a film composer based in Italy with a personal preference for scary movies. If you like i'll send you some of my recent stuff so that you could have an idea of my approach to work. Please contact me at Have a great day MC

  • Hi Everyone

    Thank you very much for everyone of you who replied to me here & in private message. Sorry I couldn't answer all of you.

    Thank you again.

  • I am a composer and would be interested in working on new projects. You can find out more about me and examples of my work on

    The mixture of styles, experiments and searching for new sound. This are songs, instrumental and choral music. Jazz, classics, indie, rock, electronics and more. And most importantly, it is melodies. They are remembered, they are recognizable. Harmony is deep, rich and various. Egor Darov – composer, who specialised on mucic for films, television, theatre, advertising and also songs for performers (groups). Music to order for any purpose.

  • Thank you guys for you answers but This project is already made. maybe the next one Thank you