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Cheap supercardioid mike
  • Supercardioid mikes are not very common.
    Powered mikes are even more rare.

    Here is interesting Chinese mike ($43 shipped).




    Manufacturer page :
    750 x 562 - 127K
    800 x 600 - 120K
    500 x 450 - 36K
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  • Is gh2 microphone input has any phantom power ( 1,5 V ) ? Another question is capsule of this mic has any shock mount? In other hand - 43$ ;). Thanks for info Vitaliy ;)
  • This mike use his own battery (you can see it on first photo in the box :-) )

    As for shock mount:


    I highly recommend mounts from this guy. They are very cheap and good.
  • Thanks a lot, I missed this photo ;).In next month I want to buy Gh2 so I'm collecting any info about improvement :)
  • Wow... supercardioid, battery powered, XLR interface, XLR-to-3.5mm cable, only $43?

    If it has a decent build quality and performs ok, one can have a sound setup around $200.

    The mic ($59)
    The shockmount ($12.50)
    ART USB Dual Pre ($71... price went up a bit) or some other cheap preamp
    Cables & quick releases & a mic stand ($60)
    Use iPhone headphone jack... lol...
  • Anyone wants to know that is inside this mike?
    I had interesting talk with seller and it looks like they could not disassemble it without applying force (thus it may be destroyed).
    You you are interested to know if this is real condencer (so it'll be real valuable) mike or just simple electret stuff could donate (we need total $45 that will be $43 with all fees) with "Mike teardown" note.
  • I put in my $5. :-)
    Who else wants to see what this mic is made of?
  • How does it sound?
  • @Vitaliy "You are interested to know if this is real condencer (so it'll be real valuable) mike or just simple electret stuff."

    If it's 1.5v battery powered it'll be an electret condenser. Real condensers require phantom power, usually 48v.

    That said, sometimes electret condenser mics can be quite good.

  • Does anyone know how this Sanhe mic would compare with an Audio-Technica ATR55 (unidirectional condenser shotgun microphone)? It's actually cheaper on eBay than the Chinese mic and I'd get it much faster.
  • You never know till you have a listen, but I'd imagine the AT would be better, if you're using it as a camera mounted mic for GV's I wouldn't worry too much about spending too much, as in a mix we tend to ditch the whirry buzzy atmos they capture anyway if anything I just reference the audio from the camera mic as a guide.