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Panasonic GH3 , what is the native iso?
  • I want to know what is the native iso of the camera so I can know to shoot at that specific setting? Also what have people found as far as which color profile is the best in terms of getting cinematic images.


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  • I did a small test to find out, record in a pitch dark environnement, Go thru every isos and review it in your video editing software boosting the luminance curves.

    What I got is 200 to 400 is all good, 500 is terrible, 640 - 800 good, 1000 is terrible, 1250 and 1600 are ok.

    500 is noisier than 800. 1000 is noisier than 1600.

  • Sounds like the iso bug from Gh2...

    Can a gh3 user confirm the above?


  • I will need to check this but I have often thought when I set it to ISO 1000 the noise is quite obvious. I always use ISO 1600 in low light as it is very clean