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  • Steps to make it easy to copy MTS files to your selected folder for OSX users. Edit: This is old script. Use the one on my latest file.

    Insert SDHC card. Rename "NO NAME" to "SDHC". The card should contain some MTS files.

    Get the attachment.
    Double clicking on it will launch AppleScript Editor.
    Search YOUR_PATH.
    Replace it with your base path. e.g. /Users/Billy/Movies
    Press the Run button on the top of the editor and see if it's working.
    If it works, save it as an application. File -> Save As -> File Format: Application.
    Mobe the application file to your Applications.

    BTW... I don't know crap about AppleScript. I just googled and found a sample and tweaked some params.
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  • How about moving it to Skills, and addding more tags (like Mac, mts) ?
  • Ok. It's done.
  • Updated the script. Again change YOUR_PATH to your path.

    After copying all MTS files, it renames them to this format: clip-YYYY-MM-DD-time <<original name>>.MTS.

    e.g. clip-2011-08-08-76035 00053.MTS

    I really needed it. I like.
  • Hello, stonebat,

    How do you do?

    I also made something similar. This one copies the entire PRIVATE directory on the GH2 SD card to the Pictures folder of home directory on Mac OSX, instead of copying individual files from the card.

    I made this app with a bash script because I could not find any ideal AVCHD file importer on OSX for my circumstance that I want to manage AVCHD movie files with Adobe OnLocation CS 5.1.

    Here is what the attached app does.

    The folder for the PRIVATE directory will be placed under ~/Pictures/AVCHD/ and renamed to yyyy_mm_dd_HHMMSS (e.g. ~/Pictures/AVCHD/2011_08_16_001308/). You will find all the files for the AVCHD movie files with the structure maintained.

    ** Please be advised that the application will automatically delete the PRIVATE directory on the SD card even without any prompts after the job is done. **

    To access to the core shell file which handles the task, right click on the app then choose "show the content of package," navigate down to "Panasonic AVCHD" where you will find

    P.S. I just started using these scripting things only few months ago, so I am very sorry that the script is quite amateurish and is not reliable.

    P.S.2. I forgot changing the icon which I made for another similar app for my previous camera. Please ignore about it.

    edit as of 1 October 2012 - Please do not use this script for OSX Mountain Lion. I found out that there is something wrong with it, causing data in your card to be corrupted. Please consider to use proper software like Lightroom 4.0 instead. Thank you.
    Panasonic AVCHD
  • Thanks for the script but I'm quite happy with mine.

    It ejects SDHC card at the end. I have GH1 and GH2. It's easy to place all files from multiple cards in one folder with datetime filename. A few things to improve. Don't copy duplicate file. Copy MJPEG files and remove them from SDHC. Also remove all JPEG images from MJPEG since I take only RAW pictures. Otherwise Lightroom imports all of them. Very annoying. I'm a bit nervous about automatically deleting MJPEG files from SDHC though... but I'm gonna do that cuz it's annoying. Exception should be handled properly.
  • @cj7 Feel free to improve the script. It was basically 1 hour labor of copy-paste-tweak. I still don't know crap about Applescript. Hehe.
  • @stonebat

    I used to write AppleScript programs - if you need any assistance let me know. By no means am I an expert, but if I can assist I will. Just keep in mind that each OS revision (both minor such as 10.6.1, 10.6.2,etc... and major 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 revs) will change the way how AppleScript operates typically since the language is constantly revised and being replaced by Cocoa and other low-level languages...
  • Just brainstorming.

    See the 4th post. It's a simple script. We could start from it. Would be nice if it can launch some basic GUI to configure options. e.g. copy mts files, copy mjpeg files, delete files after copying, set base folder, set file rename option, etc. After that, we can begin implementing each feature. But I'm not sure if Applescript can do that. It may require Objective-C.
  • Correct, AppleScript is primitive when it comes to GUI implementation, maybe just a few choices with pull downs and a few buttons. You're better off with AppleScript Studio or using Automator *shudder*, but for what its worth AppleScript is powerful for simple and repetitive tasks.
  • Right. Fancy GUI is overkill for this. Can you load property file from the script?
  • I'm not in front of a mac right now (on a PC at work) so I couldn't tell you. Although a great resource for apple scripting is
  • @stonebat Feel free to improve the script. It was basically 1 hour labor of copy-paste-tweak. I still don't know crap about Applescript. Hehe.

    Thanks a lot!
  • I like to play the mts files on my Mac in the Movist program - seems to work great but I'm fed up of having to navigate through the directory tree each time I insert the card. Anyone have a nifty apple script that would just open up the STREAM folder automagically on card insertion.

    And I have the same problem with my Windows 7 machine (although windows 7 play mTS natively unlike OSX!)