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Emergency camera
  • I am looking for a recommendation in the following situation. I very often fly to a location to do pr events, store tours, impromptu interviews, etc. I pack 2 GH3s with lenses audio, supports and light in a pelican case that is within airline carry on specs. Still, occasionally the case is taken away from me if there is no more room. I am looking for a recommendation on a 3rd camera that is compact and self contained that I can stick in my smaller carry on with a mic and small monopod That will allow me to complete my assignment in some minimal way should my primary kit not arrive. I was considering the FZ200 and some of the camcorders but would appreciate hearing from anyone with some experience in the matter. Thanks

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  • Sony RX100? although you'd have to synch your sound in audio in. visuals are superb.

  • FZ200 is a good choice. Lens is very versatile with good optical quality throughout the range. If you hook an external mic on audio in you will still have some degree of AGC (adjustable in increments), but not nearly as aggressive AGC as on f.ex. Canon DSLR's. I don't have GH3, only GH2 + GH1 Panasonics. But FZ200 handles similarly to those two anyway. I use the FZ200 in a similar way as you describe - a kind of emergency camera. Very versatile camera with outstanding video quality.

  • Thanks all. I went with the FZ200, especially as it is likely to be hacked.

  • @Jspatz I used to travel with a pelican but switched to the Kata Source PL 261. Because it is a backpack, no one ever suspects it is overweight and it will always fit into any overhead, even the smallest, crapiest commuter. I managed to get into it four gh2 bodies, 1 matte box, 10 4x4 filters, 6 lenses, cleaning kit, videomicpro, and batteries, cards, etc -- plus a 15" powerbook and charger in the back pouch. It really is great and has protected everything even when inattentive PA's let is slip off a baggage cart. Comes with a rain cover too.

    You may already do this, but on non-star alliance airlines where I don't get priority boarding, I politely explain to the desk that I'm a professional travelling with $40,000 of camera equipment (bit of a lie, but hey...) and that I can't let it leave my sight, so if possible, once priority boarding is finished, I'd really appreciate being let on to find a place near my seat. It always works....

  • Curious why anyone would pay $600 for an FZ200 when you can get an LX7 for half that, and I don't see any area of performance save battery life where it doesn't trounce the FZ200, not to mention the fact that it's much smaller, pocketable, and built like a little steel ingot while the FZ200 feels like a plastic prop. What am I missing that's so good about the FZ200?

  • LX7 - For this application in need external mike and headphones without other accessories.

    The pelican case has wheels and is a top loader so I can work out of it. Also, when they are out of space, they can take your stuff no matter what. Thanks all

  • Just take one GH3 and one lens in a smaller bag. It's not too big to keep with you on the plane. Transfer it to the Pelican case after.

  • That had occurred to me, but it is less fiddly to just leave the emergency camera packed if I don't need it and access my optimally packed pelican.

  • Having to use a completely different and unfamiliar camera some of the time also seems fiddly. ;)

  • I paid $428 for my FZ200 about two months ago through the Panasonic Facebook VIP store. I see it all the time now for $499.

    The articulating screen alone makes it a much more pleasing cam to work with than the LX7 type cams. It actually has a very nice quality video with full manual control and functionally, it operates similarly to the GH series cams so menu differences are minimal.

  • GX1 perhaps?

  • The FZ200 just came in and based on 15 minutes of playing with it, I think it will do the job.