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Ruige 4.8" HDMI monitor
  • $400 (shipped) monitor.

    Small, light, good design. Good controls.
    This is entry model (with HDMI only input).
    One with HDMI passthrought costs about $525 shipped.


    640 x 416 - 85K
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  • Very Nice. Thanks Vitaliy.

  • Best think in this monitor are special locking HDMI addons and remote button to quickly toggle 1:1 mode.
    Overall it seems like thing designed by people who understand that they are doing.
  • Yeah I was impressed by the monitor/presentation and noted the HDMI locking... But can always still come loose at the other end i guess! ;)

    I think this is clearly superior for a few more $$ to the Ikan and popular lilliputs... You agree?


  • This looks like a very nice monitor. I'm confused about what the reference to "letterbox" in the aspect ratio section of the specs means. Anyone know?

    It's down to $339 (buy it now) with $40 for shipping on Ebay.
  • ebay link ?
  • Here's the Ebay link:

    Edited by VK, ebay removed link.
  • Nice find. I think by letter box he really meant 16 by 9 but I could be wrong.
  • I removed link due to very suspicious ebay seller.
    Do not buy from him.
  • sure, he had just 7 in rating and it was just 1 as a seller ...
  • I keep waiting for the Marshall LCD50-HDMI to come down in price--I like the peaking and false color features--but it doesn't seem to budge.
  • You can find the marshalls on ebay periodically for ~300usd, especially around film festival season as people start selling their gear to pay for festival submissions, etc.
  • Sorry about that link, guys. WiIl be more careful.
  • Hold on - before the year is out a lot of true HD 5-7 inch monitors will be coming out from Marshall and also the Chinese counterparts. A higher Rez version of the LCD 50.
  • monitor review:
    Not sure why I talked so long but there you go.

  • @chauncy
    Like your review very much.
    Lots of info. Big thanks.

    Lever thing is also interesting:
  • @chauncy

    great review, what are the aspect ratio options. Frame guides? I would using this for anamorphic monitoring. Thanks!
  • hi guys..... the price has not came down. The $339 model is for the new slim model (TL-S480HD and Tl-S500HD) whereas the model shown at the 1st post on this thread is for the TL-480 series.
  • to answer a couple of aspect question, "letterbox" and the like regarding this monitor.

    The real answer is you should set this to what your camera is shooting in. gh2 is 16:9, set it to that. There is an "auto" option that works. If your camera shoot 2:35/1 and that wasn't picked up in the auto option, then you would choose letterbox and it would show your image, of course with horizontal black bars since the monitor aspect is 16:9.

    If you were drunk and set it to 4:3 for the gh2 16:9 it would show your image squished into 4:3, not cropped.
  • Looks like a great monitor.
  • 5" Ruige TL-S500HD with Zoom Trigger, HDMI Lock and Sony battery plate (but no rubber shell) selling here for $335 + shipping:
  • Looks good. Love that zoom. Anyone care to guestimate what it might be like trying to get one of these fixed should it be defective?
    Also, is there ANYTHING similar available in terms of a lock for the HDMI port on the GH2? Cabling never gets the love it deserves. I've had connection issues with my current 10" $99 Chinese monitor.
  • Although it looks like a very nice monitor it is not really cheap. I wonder how it compares to a Sony clm-v55, which is actually cheaper....
    Does the ruige have more features?
  • Has anyone done their homework over the last month or so on all these monitors? I want to push the button on one, but every time I get close there seems to be a "gotcha" in another thread regarding issues, bad sellers, manufacturing faults etc. I know this thread is old. Any recommendations greatly appreciated. cheers guys

  • time I get close there seems to be a "gotcha" in another thread regarding issues, bad sellers, manufacturing faults etc

    Do not manupulate facts.
    One and only issue (mostly software) had been with Lilliput, and as I am aware they seemed to fix most of the stuff already.
    How you could transferred this to Ruige I have no idea.