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Cheap fur for lavalier mics?
  • I struggle to find cheap fur for use on lavalier mics. The foam type is cheap and easy to find, but the fur type (which is much better outdoors IMO) is harder to find.

    I only found two types on ebay, typically around 25 dollars for each.

    Do you know any cheaper?

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  • Go buy a cheap kids stuffed fur toy, cut off part of the leg, works perfect, 4 legs, 4 windbreakers.

  • Thats a good idea! If it's hard to find ready made to a better price, I will definatly concider making some. Still, if anyone finds cheap premade furs, please post :)

  • @Rambo, Aaahhhahha, that thread always crack me up. Perhaps not for politicians but for kids footage we are using that trick and it works like charm. If you are using the complete shell of the toy you must remove the the denser stuffing material and re-stuffit with nice and open dishwashing nylon sponges otherwise you lose all your " highs " from your audio capture.

  • @010101 My kids are all grown except this one. I'm still trying to figure how to get his toy. Cracker Barrel is a good place to find Long Haired toys.

    zeus toy.jpg
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  • If you lost the battle to your kids for the stuffed animal toy then your best option would be " faux fur leggings " from the eBay. Just make sure the fabric is not too dense.

  • I also have a Rode video mic Pro, and as anyone with one will know, just using the accessory fur windjammer still leaves the rear of the mic where the switches are exposed to air rushes and needs to be covered. I enclose the entire Rode Mic Pro inside the stuffed toy and mount to a boom pole. Works very well now on very windy days.

    I get my best responses to the stuffed toy blip from politicians:-)