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GH2 - 25P and 1080P?
  • Morning all!

    I currently have a UK PAL Sony Nex 5N and am happily using it to shoot away at its optimum settings at 25p 1080p. I now have purchased a GH2 in the UK and am aware that I can hack the GH2 and get 25p as well as 24p but with the 25P HBR Option on all hacks I can only see a 1080i option and not a 25p 1080p option?

    Could someone please explain to me why this is?..and maybe more importantly does this matter?..will I still get great results using the interlaced 1080i and/or is therr a reason why the GH2 and any of its hacks dont offer 25p 1080p?

    I have searched this forum and googled the answer and have seen topics about this but no real definiative answer, if anyone could advise it would be appreciated. Ideally I just want to be able to shoot at 25p in the UK but still be able to get the best resoultion settings which I have always believed to be 1080p?

    thanks in advance


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  • HBR is 25PsF - 1080p encoded as Progressive segmented frame

  • @Alex_K so basically the same as the shooting setting 108p 25p on my NEX 5N?...Its the 1080i part that got me worried thanks!