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Strange colo(u)rs in Sony Vegas - GoPro Cineform
  • I apologise to disturb experts in color grading with probably simple question, but I have already tried possible and impossible things. The problem is GoPro Cineform codec and mix between Cineform and Sony Vegas.

    Namely, when encoding the original footage by using UT codec the colours appear like normal (in Media Player Classic or in VirtualDub). When editing such a footage with Vegas, the colours are preserved, so everything is OK.

    However, if the original footage is converted into GoPro Cineform codec, a red shirt appears slightly toward orange in VirtualDub (it is almost OK), but in Media Player Classic the shirt becomes almost orange. When editing in Vegas and exporting the clip (I've tried several settings), the shirt becomes even more orange in VirtualDub and completely orange in MPC.

    Does anybody know which settings should I use when recoding into Cineform codec and which settings should I use in Sony Vegas (tips for Movie Studio are also welcome) to retain more or less the "original colours" and, if possible, the original contrast?

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  • If you figure this out, let me know as I could never get great color out of Sony Vegas Pro compared to Adobe Premiere CS6. I prefer working in Vegas but the results were always a little darker and more contrasty, even after applying the Computer RGB - Studio RGB Levels preset.

  • In order to explain the others what's happening, I've made pdf file with some text and pictures. It can be downloaded via WeTransfer:

    I suppose that there must be some users on this forum which would know the solution...

  • OK. I've finally managed to get similar colours of the exported Vegas clip to the uncompressed one by using the following Format conversion and filter in VirtualDub (see post below - it gives more correct procedure...):

    In Video -> Filters, you have to choose the appropriate filters (by clicking button "Add").

    1. Choose "Convert Format" and select 4:4:4 planar YCbCr (YV24) [probably you can choose some other formats as well]
    2. Add filter "Levels". Input levels should be: 16, 0.95 and 235. [probably the middle number can be changed, but I've got the best results with 0.95].

    Of course, it does not solve the issues with the codec, but I can now export the final clip into some other formats with original colours. Yay!!! :-)

    See below that the actual procedure is a little different...

  • I have to admit that during exporting the clip, orange colours appeared again. So, here is the combination which worked in most cases:

    The exported Vegas clip by CineForm codec should be opened in VirtualDub. In Video -> Video Color Depth, you have to choose the appropriate colour formats:

    Decompression format = 4:4:4 planar YCbCr (YV24) Output format = 24 bit RGB (888)

    You don't have to choose any filter.

    I tried to export the clip with uncompressed, UT422, UT RGB and Xvid codec. Uncompressed and UT RGB gave correct colours in VirtualDub, Media Player Classic and Bino player (for stereoscopic videos). UT 422 and XVid codec gave false colours (orange) only in Media Player Classic. In Bino & VirtualDub it was OK.