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WB: Canon FD 35mm f2 SSC front glass element or damaged lens
  • Hi guys!

    I hope somebody can help me!

    My great Canon FD 35mm f2 SSC got damaged, the front element has a serious scratch which affects the image quality now, so looking for a Canon FD 35mm f2 SSC front glass element or a damaged lens with untouched front glass element to replace mine!

    I really love this lens, want to save it!

    Asked a few repair service on the net, but no luck.

    Waiting for your messages/help!

    Thank you!

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  • Is your lens with concave front element (radioactive one)? OEM parts for the convex one appear every here and there on eBay. There is no guarantee for that but sooner or later you may be lucky.

  • No, it's not the concave one.

    Looking for this elements since months, but no luck.