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First gh3 piece...and thoughts
  • Just got my gh3 recently. Wanted to shoot a fun little piece before doing any payed gigs with it to work out the kinks in the workflow. Plus I had the best subject to shoot, my adorable 2 year old nephew who is endlessly facinated with my gear...particularly my slider.

    Is it worth the big mark up as a video dedicated machine? Maybe. If you shoot a lot of stills as well....Yes! All in all, I'm loving this camera.

    The things that are huge for me:
    1. Cleaner at higher iso.
    2. dials and buttons for everything.
    3. touch lcd zoom for focus even with hdmi monitor (drove me crazy that I couldn't do this on the gh2, I was always unplugging to check critical focus).
    4. internal battery lasts need for heavy external battery if you have a few.
    5. Battery compartment is not covered by every qr plate ever made.
    6. much improved lcd
    7. I don't know if it's just my gh2 lens mount, but this seems sturdier. I don't need a rod mounted lens support for all my third party lenses when using a follow focus.
    8. feels better in the hand.
    9. Unhacked quality is great....I waste so much time worrying about which hack to use for which shoot on my gh2, and while I love the quality, it's nice to know I'm getting great quality on this without a bunch of research and time and bugs.
    10. 1080p60 opens big doors creatively.

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  • @GravitateMediaGroup Yeah, I suppose it is. I didn't bother doing any grading on it and I let the white balance do it's own thing. I was also using the vivid color preset...which I never do...I was playing with it earlier and forgot to change it back to something more neutral.