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Editing station build - how robust does it need to be?
  • Finally looking to build a machine for editing (CS6). It seems like the general consensus on these things is "the more the better," especially based on the videoguys DIY builds. But I don't want some ridiculous thing I don't need. I'm a hobby shooter so this will be more for learning purposes. I'll do some light grading based on the colorghear tuts. I'm most concerned with getting the right machine for my purposes than cost. I've used this post by apefos as my starting point...

    "Best bang for the buck editing system today is: GT640 gpu, Asus P8B75M-LE motherboard, 3570 intel processor (default cooler), 8gb ram (2x4gb) 1600mhz or 16gb (2x8gb) if you will load more software at same time, SSD 120gb for system, 7200 rpm hd for files and scratch disk, two 7200 rpm hd in windows software raid for video, bluray burner. Cineform Neoscene to transcode video to cineform codec (much better real time playback, fluid without stutter and better quality preview in full, half and quarter resolution)."

    Do you guys think this will be enough for my needs? Any thoughts are appreciated.

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  • If you are hobby shooter like u said that system sould be more than enough. But follow VK:s link there is lot of discussion about that subject.