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Experimental Video Art , movie shot with GH3
  • Experimental Video Art Movie, macro world.

    Your comments are welcome ...

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  • I enjoyed this, the play of light across the surface kept my focus, I could have watched this for longer and maintained my interest, have you used the Nanoha macro lens? I have considered purchasing the Nanoha, just not sure the use I would put it to, would justify it's price, reasonable though it seems, for such an interesting lens.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • @matthere , thank you. Film mode: 1080 50p/50mbits MOV, Lens: Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f/0.95 + achromatic +10 lens (Digital King DG HD Achromat +10 52mm , on eBay) Some parts only with Nokton. No color correction or special effects used. What is this ? Guess it!

  • If I had to guess.. some sort of sugar crystal.. weird streams of cubes inside.. tricky one for sure :)

  • it looks like ice because of the internal 'bubbles' but I doubt you filmed it in a freezer... so I'd say its some sort of thick glass fragment, but its hard to say.