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Matte box with Cokin P filters

  • You can find it at ebay, search for Veedion.

    I have similar MB for quite a long and while it is not the best possible MB,
    it is very useful and if you'll manage to grab good quality Cokin filters it could be good option.
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  • Their FF (I think it is made in India):

  • The problem with these kind of MB that attach to the lens is that the weight pulls the front part of the lens down. It's harder to focus smoothly and over time you will wear the focus helicals out faster.

    I found out the hard way.
  • @svart

    Mine don't attach to the lens directly.
    It is on height adjustable rail mount.
  • Interesting. The one in the video above and the one on ebay show the Cokin P holder as the only mount. Those mount to the lens itself. My friend had one and I used it on an old lens. It didn't turn out well.
  • @svart

    Bottom of the hood have two holes and you screw it to support.
    I got it with some indian camera support wiht rails (what broke already btw, because had been made from bad metal) and MB support had been included.
  • Interesting. Never heard of these. Does the box attach to the rails and the front of the camera lens, or just the rails?

    Is one limited to one filter?

    Can one rotate the filters?
  • >Is one limited to one filter?

    You can use two filters

    >Can one rotate the filters?

    No, but you can rotate CPL (as it is not square in Cokin system)