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ISCO anamorphic lens for sale
  • I have an ISCO anamorphic lens for sale. Selling for $450 shipped in CONUS USPS Priority. Great, sharp anamorphic 2x, focuses sharply even at f/1.4. Check out an example video shot with this lens attached to a GH2 and Zeiss:

    In good condition- might be some small dust specs inside but nothing that'll ever show up optically especially with an anamorphic attachment. You can even take the entire lens apart for cleaning.

    PM me with any questions or concerns.

    2784 x 1856 - 839K
    2784 x 1856 - 926K
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  • this still available?

  • yes, email me at my user name at

  • updated post, I fixed the focus ring (it was just a screw that needed to be screwed in)

  • Are you still selling this?

  • February 2013


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