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Need Voigtländer 25mm and 17.5mm lens diameters
  • I need the measurement for focus rings diameter on 25mm and 17.5mm ? I'm about to order some custom ring gears, have not exact measures. From documentation is the diameter: 63.4mm but I'm not sure if this includes a focus ring diameter ? Any help is welcome, thank you.

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  • My Nokton 25's focus ring measures exactly 58mm diameter at its outside, knurled extremity.

    This is the widest point anywhere on the barrel.

  • @feha If you get those custom gears to work, please post them up here as others can benefit from your experience. Thanks.

  • @goana , thank you. I found this info:

    25mm = 58.4mm might be right or exact 58mm ?

    @tinyrobot , yes I will let you know. I plan to make a video review on this, how to "cine" like lenses, but this custom rings will take some 2-3 weeks to get them, they are from alu, 360 degrees ...

  • @feha Well I'm on the road without callipers but when I say "knurled" I suppose each calliper pin might have slid into an 0.2 mm valley :-)