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David Mullen lecture on lighting, and all Innovations in lighting
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  • It is extraordinary, how such a topic has nearly zero interest, while some camera one or just a minute hack enhancement can give rise to a ton of post. The info here is staggering and shows how lighting and art direction are so important in the final shot, but I guess that most prefer to refer to 4k or new camera because it does not demand so much knowledge. Hey 4k is A pixel x B pixel.

  • @danyyyel

    How often you stopped and overheard contents of some collective talk? How often it had been about girls? And how often about problem of non parallel algebras in physics?

  • @danyyyel, I found the Hive WASP Plasma Par Head very interesting, among a few of the other products presented. I watched all those vids, and realise I am way behind with the lighting evolution playing out now. David Mullen's presentation was excellent.