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Magic Bullet's "Tempo" short film
  • I had the pleasure of attending a screening of Magic Bullet's "Tempo" short film tonight, with the director and producer, Seth Worley and Aharon Rabinowitz, who answered questions from the audience.

    It was quite interesting hearing about how they put the production together. There's a lot of the budget in the set design and special FX, but also some shots are done with practical effects where you might think it's SFX (such as the bullet through the laptop.) They showed a lot of the behind the scenes and pre-production. The short was quite well done, and of course shows off some of the advanced features of some Magic Bullet products, especially for animating swarm behavior, as well as realistic 3-D explosions and fires. Seth now works full time for Magic Bullet, as a director.

    They started production on October 1st, and principal photography took two days at the end of October in Tennessee. SFX and post production took around six weeks.