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Sony CLM V-55 Monitor
  • I recently bought one and thought I would share my experience with it.
    Main purpose in buying was for my 2nd cam person. She had been having trouble focusing our FX1's and now with GH2's I was worried. I had looked at the offerings from Small HD and others but just couldn't get my head around the cost....especially since my primary goal was focus assist. When the Sony model came out I looked at it a while then finally decided to buy it. I got it from Amazon for $399....figuring I could return it if it was junk or keep it if it was nice. Turns out it was a little of both.
    First thing to note is that it does not come with any means to power it. You're on your own. I went to Batteries Plus and bought a 3000 mAh battery and charger for about $50. I have run the monitor for as long as 4-5 hours and have not had it die. I haven't tested to see how long it will run.
    It arrived the same day I had a dance recital so my first test was also a working test.
    First thing I noticed as I was setting it up was the colors. They looked amazing on the monitor.....except for the reds. The stage curtains were that nice deep shade of red.....but on the monitor they were brown. No manner of adjustment could make them red. I spent an hour or more tinkering with it before giving up and adjusting it so all the colors but the reds looked good.
    Peaking worked really well.....and there is also a pixel magnification function that zooms in on the picture to help with focus. I haven't really used that function as the peaking works very well.
    The fold up lens hood is also nice. Works well in most outdoor situations....though if you get the sun to your back forget it. The screen is reflective so that is a small problem outdoors....but not a deal breaker.
    After some reading on the internet concerning the reds, I decided to return it for a new one. The couple of reviews that were out seemed to not have a problem with the reds. One nice thing about the return was the price was now lower....$322.00!
    The new one arrived and I had the opportunity to use it again at the same venue. The reds were MUCH better....though still slightly leaning towards brown. The consensus of those I have talked to seems to be that you can't expect perfection at that price.
    All in all I am happy with it. My 2nd shooter doesn't have any problems with focus now, and that is the main reason I bought it. If you need critical color I don't think I would recommend it. If you need focus assist and just want to have something bigger to look at then it works.
    Would I buy one again?? Matter of fact I did. I liked it so much I bought another for my cam.

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  • Do you have any photos?
  • Good review! I'm looking into getting one to replace my Lilliput. I mostly set using the GH2's screen (they work pretty well) or a large monitor. But I mainly need one for when I have a 1AC or when doing "on the fly" shooting to help with the focus (have shot a bit with the AF100 and focus peaking is really a great feature) so as long as it works for focusing and does an OK job of showing you the screen, that settles it!
  • Vitaliy....I'll get some pix up later tonight....
    Gabel....peaking works really well. I have never used another monitor with peaking so I can't compare it to anything....but I'm more than happy with it.....
  • Even before I read your post, I was going to ask about the issue of the reds appearing burnt orange/brown, as I'd read about someone else having a similar experience with the CLM-V55 and the GH2, but obviously their experience wasn't an anomaly.
  • Exactly! As of now, I'm hoping to afford a DP6, but this is half the price, so I might this instead and upgrade to a DP6 later (plus I could always use the Sony for my AC and keep the DP6 to myself)...
  • I played with it too the other day. I thought the peaking wasn't 'deep' enough. The Cineroid EVF - which also uses the same red outline technique - could peak on the tiniest objects on very shallow depth of fields. Whereas this monitor was rather superficial. OK for general focus assist I suppose. Cannot compare to the DP6 as I've never used one...
    But overall very good for the price.
  • Nice review!
    Just ordered one, when it arrives I let you know my thoughts.
    Ordered it from MaxICT in Holland for €290

  • I think I will have it this week, it's now in stock!
  • Got mine today :-)
    Need to order a battery before I can turn it on....
    Some pics of the monitor and what's in the box.
    First impression; it looks like Sony quality :)
    2336 x 1752 - 894K
    2336 x 1752 - 1M
    2336 x 1752 - 873K
    2336 x 1752 - 1M
    2336 x 1752 - 776K
    2336 x 1752 - 878K
    2336 x 1752 - 830K
    2336 x 1752 - 721K
    2336 x 1752 - 912K
  • @AmandaNL

    LOL that totally sucks when you have no battery - all those toys but no juice :-)
  • do the focus assist/peaking features work during RECORD?
  • Brian....yes it does....peaking is totally independent of the cameras functions
  • Yeah, the reds are very brown. Mmm. Keep it or not? Built quality is good. Good for framing. Like integrated hood. Relatively cheap. Already have batteries from my camcorder. Alternative is the Ikan VL5. But then I have to purchase batteries and charger. There's always something when I buy a Sony. Why can't you adjust the RGB on this thing.
  • When I connect the monitor, I cannot take pictures in 4:3, only 16:9. Was also going to use it for photographing, but cannot do that.
  • Skin tones are pretty bad. Don't use this screen for showing people stuff you recorded. For framing and focussing it's passable. I will decide tomorrow if I keep it or not. If not, I can do without a monitor for now, until something better comes along.
  • Don't get the Ikan. I tried it a couple of weeks ago......just in case the peaking and color was better than the Sony. It sucked. VERY hard to see the peaking. Wasn't real impressed with the color overall. Sony is better.

  • @marks Thanks for telling me about the Ikan. I guess it's just the Sony, or buy a Marshall LCD50 or a smallHD DP4. Both are double the price. You think it's worth it getting one of those later on, or just be happy with the Sony? I haven't used a monitor before, and I was thinking I might do without for now. And using the money instead on some second hand lenses and better audio monitors.
  • When this monitor is connected to the GH2 and I use autofocus, the lens makes weird noises. It's as if it gets too little power. It does focus, but a bit slower. Is this normal?
  • @John_Farragut have not noticed that with I can't help you there.
  • I like my 7" Ikan--color matches my LCD nicely and syncs HDMI instantly. At 7" you don't need the peaking. Small overexposure areas show up instantly.
  • I returned the monitor, as I needed the money towards other stuff. I want to complete my set first, before buying the extra stuff. :) Bought some small studio audio monitors instead. It really helps to hear my audio better without headphones on. I can always buy a LCD monitor later on.