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A bit different music vid with lot of VFX
  • Music Video made with GH2 and 7D. 0 Budget, just lot of work. Youtube do not make justise to picture quality. Boht cams hold werry well heavy post procesing. Hope you like it, and pleas comment (if you like). GH2 was hacked with Driftwood settings.

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  • It's mind blowing how you matched the VFX and the real set. I would love to ask how you did it, but it's even difficult to know when you did it because it looks so seamless. You should make a short tutorial or at least tell us how you did the cliff walking on the thin edge.

  • Almost everything is done in fusion. Scenes where buid from many scenes. A lot 3D comp to get particles look moor real. Maskas and rotoscoping to take actors apart from scene. Some outdoor greenscreen, and so on. I try to make some tutorials if i can explane things in english.

  • @shian

    It would be rally nice if you could comment about color graiding of this one (oneway or the other).

  • Everybody tries to be different, but very few in the good direction. Being different without discrimination of right and wrong, constructing or perverting values. Common sense is very uncommon... said someone

    This one seems to try the right direction. Tradition contains values. I like both the music and the clip.

  • Related to color grading I feel that the skin tone are a little too pink. It make you think that these guys are freezing, which reduces their "coolness". If they are so cool, the frost should not have power on them. The guy with grey hat has a better skin tone, and I think you should make all look like him, or even better.

  • @kankala

    You have point in there. Actually we where freezing. Shometing like -20 C.

  • I like it. Great video man. Doesn't look like it was a ton of fun to shoot. I personally hate pink skin tones.... but that's just my personal opinion. But there's only so much you can do with snow footage before things start to look really unnatural. I give it 2 thumbs up.... has a good beat and you can dance to it.

  • @shian

    Actually the guy how make all post and colorgrade (MrHasardos) noticed same thing with pink faces. He used Wrong monitor, but after comments he change monitor, and faces start to look to pink. Thanks a lot of your comment. We just want to be sure that everything is like they should to be.

  • @tinyrobot

    You might like this also.

  • I really liked the visuals in this video I must say. But it feels like the weight of it was in the opening. Those first few shots are suitably epic and magical and really convey the otherworldly atmosphere. Great composite with the mountain range in the background! But I do feel that after that opening the video kind of falls off into a lot of shots of three guys walking through the snow.

    Narratively speaking there isn't much going on and visually, after the opening until the cliff-sequence at 3:30 it feels pretty regular and normal. The magic that I felt in the opening gives way to a sense of just three (beautifully costumed) guys walking through a contemporary real-world winter-landscape . I kinda lost the magic.

    Color-wise I did like the grading and thought it to be tastefully subtle and consistent with a nice cool magenta/brown hue to it that never felt overdone.

  • @Reinout

    In away you are right. There was one main problem with this video (Script). Orginaly idea was just 3 strange looking guys walking from place A to place B. Lot of ideas come durin shooting. We try to find nice looking places, but Idea also rely a lot of really nice looking wintter landscapes. But unforetenatelly Weather chaged during the shoots, So the post guy come up with idea to add a lot of VFX to scenes. That helpped a lot to get this video done.