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Konica and Olympus OM to m43 Adapters
  • I have acquired a Konica Hexanon AR 80-200 f3.5 for my GH2. Looking for a good adaptor for it. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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  • RainbowImaging makes a Konica AR to m4/3 adapter, I have an OM to m4/3 made by them and it works well, it has a tiny bit of play but it doesn't seem to effect focus
  • I'm using this one ( from FOTGA for my 40mm f/1.8, working out great and build quality seems really good.
  • Bought 4 M42 to M4/3 adapters from digital-winway. Very nice quality & good, snug fit on my GH1. Slightly better fit than the FOTGA I bought. I'm using both adapters. The d-w ones have the red dot (alignment) in the M42 - M3/4 print on the barrel - which for me is easier to see when changing lenses.

    The only caution I have is that my 50mm f1.4 S-M-C Takumar lens has a pin which contacts a flange on the adapter, when you screw in the lens, causing the f stop adjustment ring to be extremely stiff. There is no flange on the FOTGA adapter, so the f stop is nice and free. My other lenses work great with the d-w adapters (Ozeck / Pentagon and 200mm f3.5 Takumar)
  • Another M42 guy here, I bought the BV electronics adapter. and its a great fit on a GH2. It's very solid, and well machined. It also copes well with lenses that have the aperture pin and doesn't depress or catch it on my Auto Super-Paragon 28mm lens (its a cimko). Saying that, I haven't got another M42 lens with a pin yet (though I can't imagine it'll be any different tbh), my other M42 lense is a Helios 44 which is one of the earlier ones without a pin to unlock the aperture ring.

    Edit : Oh and yes, very important, both lenses can focus to infinty.
  • Hi all!

    Which of the cheap ebay m4/3 to minolta MD and olympus OM adapters do you guys recommend?

    I've bought ciecio's adapters before (fd,m42) and have been very happy with them. Unfortunately he doesn't make md and om mount stuff. So I bought these:

    They seem to work fine. The only problem is some horrendous reflections when perpendicular to a light source. Not only horrendous, but also jaggy(!), probably due to internal threading along their whole length I hadn't noticed before buying...:/ (seen on last pictures) So guys, which ones do you have and recommend? They gotta be smooth inside with matte finish :)

    Thanks a lot!