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Visual ideas for shooting live music performance
  • I think this is a great example of a simple video of a performance. I'm guessing it was probably done in more than one take, but what I really love is the use of focus pulls, particularly where several "planes" are involved, and also the shots of the performers at the start of the video. It captures perfectly what goes through your mind as a performer before starting a piece.

    This is a link to the facebook page - I can't find out where the original source video is so you'll have to visit the page to see this. Well worth it, though, for anyone considering doing video of performance, just for some ideas.

    While you can do an imaginative video using all sorts of locations and parallel stories, I think it's a challenge to do an interesting video of performers which just concentrates on them throughout. I really like what they've done here and would be interested in seeing any other examples of video which is confined to the one location.