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Settings for Rendering for Best quality in Adobe Premiere Pro 6.0
  • In preparation to shoot a few short films and, ultimately, a feature length film (with hopes to send it to festivals and cinemas) I have recently built a very powerful computer (i7-3930K, Sabertooth x79, 32GB RAM, 250GB SSD, MSI GTX480 vcard) with Win 7 and Adobe Creative Suite 6.0, including Premiere Pro. So, the rendering is really fast. For example, the 90 seconds clip that would take me 30min to render on an old laptop now renders in just 2 minutes.

    I cannot recall what the rendering settings on my old laptop's PPro CS4 were. So I have to ask the community here: What rendering settings would you recommend for best video output quality? with minimal or no loss of original quality.
    * Format:

    • Preset:

    • Frame Rate:

    • Aspect:

    • TV Standard:

    • Profile:

    • Level:

    • Render at maximum depth: ?

    • Bitrate encoding:

    • Target Bitrate

    • Maximum Bitrate

    • Key frame distance

    • etc

    • etc

    Videos will be used for BlueRay disks to be sent to festivals and cinemas, as well as for demonstrations on Vimeo as well as on my own 1920x1200 computer screen.

    Many thanks in advance!

    PS: I have a GH13 and I live in the UK (so I'm not sure if PAL or NTSC matter when it comes to displaying your work on a cinema screen).
    PSS: I'm sorry if this question may seem as coming from a novice. I'm more of a writer/director rather than cinematographer/editor/director, although always learning new things.

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  • As @shian indicates often, you can create a master ProRes 444 to use to send to various formats, however since you're in CS6, Adobe Media Encoder can ingest a Premiere Pro file and has several presets attached for various media. There are Vimeo and Blu Ray presets included. The Bluray presets will prevent from having to transcode when burning (I would suggest Encore for authoring, simple and smooth). If you need more specifics, let me know but it's all pretty self explanatory, especially in Media Encoder.