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Distance (short film- GH2)
  • Here's a film I shot back in May with the Sedna AAQ1 patch. Shot in LA. Enjoy!

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  • Nice short! I wonder what was your sound setup? In terms of which mics, which recorders etc.

  • @Greek_m43 Nice film. Yeah, audio sounded good, what was your setup? Nice sound, particularly of guy on phone. There might be a small sync issue when the girl was speaking on the phone on the street...could be Vimeo. Had a nice buildup, and tension towards end was spot on. Good choice on music. (Would've preferred to see ending where girl didn't immediately jump into the other guy's arms...maybe just leave it where the guy finds her crying on steps...they exchange a glance...then end it, or something like that.) But either way, this was really well done. Thanks for posting