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C-mount to m43 adapters
  • Hi everybody. I'm a new GH-2 owner just starting to get my feet wet. Which means I'll probably say or write something stupid pretty frequently. Looking to take advantage of some bits of glass I have laying about; I'm itching to play with my trusty Switar 1.6 10mm on the GH-2. Are there any warnings / suggestions you can offer regarding my choice of adapter? I've already sent one back (cheap e-bay junk) that was poorly machined and would not fully rotate so it would lock, so the camera complained... Thanks in advance! Dave

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  • @doctord02 I got this one and its been perfect with my GH2 using a Tamron 4-12mm. I use my lens in a fully manual way, so I'm assuming you just need a passive adapter and that you dont need any auto features like auto-focus or auto-exposure. This adapter allows you to connect C Mount but only if you're willing to use the lens manually.

  • The Switar will vignette.

  • @nomad I use ETC mode for my Tamron 4-12mm and I'm fine. Do you think doctord02 can use his Switar lens if he uses ETC Mode?

  • I don't think there are any C-mount lenses that have autofocus capabilities that will work with the GH2. It's all full manual, and only few that can be used without ETC. Make sure the lens is made for at least a 1/2" sensor, otherwise it will vignette even in ETC mode. The strongest adapters are not made of aluminum, but brass. Make sure on your GH2 the 'shooting w/out lens' is ON.

  • I have four different kinds of C-mount adapters from eBay, and they are all fine. Straight from China.

  • I expect any C-mount will exhibit some vignetting, the question is how bad even in the extended / crop mode. On all my old glass, I'll be in manual mode; the Nikon & Pentax adapters I found on Amazon seem to work fine. @matt_gh2, thanks for the link, that looks much nicer than the simple ones machined from a single piece.

  • I should probably mention since I'm new and no one knows anything about my background - I'm from the film industry - cg & feature animation, but getting back to small scale, personal stuff. Used to shoot 16mm film 20 years ago, then Hi-8 commercially for local/regional tv & docs. For the last 16 yrs I've been in the feature film / studio world, but now... Back on my own again. I currently have a AG-DVX100B, but my new obsession is the GH-2, after discovering footage using the firmware hacks... Thanks for the advice, I'm sure I'll be asking for more...

  • @doctord02 If you're new to GH2 take a look at the threads on this forum that discuss the ETC mode. There are some downsides, such as noise once you go above certain ISO, if memory serves me correct. But, if your lenses are fast, it's not a problem.(Or if your scenes are lit well). My Tamron is fast, so I'm fine with low ISOs even at night. Footage looks good.

    I used a DVX100B some time back. Remember the footage looked quite nice - very smooth. Heard there was a hack for it (Andromeda project?..), but think that got bought out and shut down, but maybe there's something still floating around and available.

    If you're looking for a smooth image out of the GH2, perhaps look at the hack setting called Apocalypse Now Intravenus version 1. The forum member shian has shot quite a few very nice looking and smooth images with it. They are posted on this site. There are many different settings, each with a different look, so test 'em out to see what you like, and have fun. This GH2 is just a great camera.

  • I have always had problems with my Angenieux 10mm retro focus using ETC to focus to infinity using a c-mount adapter. I always have to unscrew it and use the thread to get it to focus to infinity. So I never use it . Keen to hear what people have found that work.

  • I am familiar with the Apocalypse Now firmware patch, in fact that one and the ReAQuainted one are the biggest reasons I'm here... and why I chose the GH-2...


    The footage from @shian & @driftwood and several of the others from here just stunned me with how filmic they looked. Obviously grading properly is a huge factor, but even the ungraded footage I saw of the Apocalypse Now DrewNET patch just blew me away. Un-freaking-real. From a $700 consumer camera? Sign me up.

    The C-mount interest is mostly just a bit of nostalgia and a measure of practicality; I own three Switars (50mm, 25mm & 10mm and an old REX 1 Bolex ) in addition to a couple of Nikon lenses ( 35mm f 1.9 & 80-200mm zoom Nikor) & several Takumar/Pentax lenses (50mm f1.4, 50mm f4 Macro, 24mm f3.5 & a 135mm f2.8). I come from a studio system where they just throw money at problems until they go away - and yet sadly don't spend enough time on story development. Now, I'm all on my own and every penny comes out of my pocket, so... Time to learn how to squeeze every pixel out of what I have at hand.

    At some point I'll invest in a really nice fast wide angle (can you say Nokton 17.5mm?), but for now, it's the list above and the stock 14-42mm kit lens.

  • Most C-mount adapters put the lens too close to the camera. It's a cheap compromise to ensure that you get infinity focus. The downsides are that the focus scale will be off, you can focus beyond infinity, and zoom lenses will not be parfocal.

    You can correct the back focus simply enough by inserting shims made of sheets of paper or plastic cut into rings that fit around the C-mount threads and go between the lens's flange and the adapter's flange. Three or four sheets of paper is usually the right thickness. Paper is thin enough to give you enough precision to get it right, in most cases.

  • One zoom lens that IS PARFOCAL is the Rainbow 8-48mm f1.0.

  • @balazer. So simple. Thanks I'll give it a go.

  • Hi guys,

    The C-mount to M43 adaptor I got from Big_is doesn't seem to fit properly on my GH2. It is easy enough to attach, but when I try to detach it it feels like something is grinding, and it's quite difficult to remove. I know others have been really happy with this adaptor, so I'm wondering if I just got a crummy one. Anyone else had problems?

    In any case, I'm worried that this adaptor is going to damage my GH2s body, so I'd like to replace it. Any recommendations for thin but good quality C to M43 adaptors available here in the EU?

    Many thanks in advance, Lori

  • @lorilin I bought this one for my GH2 - works perfectly. It's only $25, but quality is good. Here's link

  • I've bought maybe dozens of the same c-mount adapter from China off ebay (lengril), and they've all worked fine. They're the cheapest I've seen at around $4.50 each. Just have to wait a couple weeks to arrive to the US!

  • I had trouble with fotga adapter.. my lenses wouldn't screw down all the way for some reason.. it was cheap though like 3 dollars

  • Thanks, guys! One last thing to check -- is there any trick to dismounting these adaptors? Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I just use the lens release button and twist. If I'm not missing some secret trick, then my best guess is that I got a crummy example.

    Coincidentally Matt_gh2, I bought the very same Kipon adaptor last night. It was more expensive over here (I'm in the Netherlands), but it was the best looking one I could find. It should arrive today -- I'll be interested to see if it makes a difference. I have a couple of new CMount lenses that I'm eager to play with, but am afraid to use that crummy adaptor again. Grr!

    Ideally I'd have one adaptor for each lens, and just leave them on -- it would remove one extra step when changing lenses on the fly.

  • It's not the adapter in the cases where you don't get all the way to infinity, it's the lenses back. If the diameter of the plate around the M25 is larger than 37.5mm, they sit on a rim that all those adapters have (the Kipon is pretty good value for the money, BTW). That rim is unavoidable, even the thinnest ones have it, since it would break without it.

    You'll need to machine down the outer rim of the lenses to make them fit. I did this to my set of Zeiss Tevidons, and now all of the fit. They go a bit past infinity, but you can fix that by shimming them with some thin, hard plastic rings you can cut out of packaging materials.

  • @lorilin Mine works without need to shave or shim. I use a cheap plastic lens(Tamron 4-12) and when I press release button and turn lens, it and adapter come off smoothly together.

    Re @nomad discussion of lenses fitting and getting infinity focus, I think that is for some adapters and not all. Over my head technically though, so please check that your lens both fits and focuses properly.

  • Thanks, @matt_gh2 . Then there is definitely something screwy with that cheap adaptor I have. Hopefully the Kipon will do the trick!

    Edit: the Kipon adaptor arrived yesterday and it is MUCH better than the inexpensive Chinese one. Glides on and off with an easy twist, no scary noises! I'm going to have to compare them -- maybe the cheap one just needs a bit of filing (or bashing with a hammer, haha) to fit better. Ideally I'd have one adapter per lens and just keep them attached, but payint about 40 Euros per adaptor is more than I want to pay if I don't have to.