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GH2 videos from Beijing and Hong Kong
  • I was in Beijing and Hong Kong during 15 days in December and documented each day of my trip. All shot handheld with hacked GH2 (intravenus) and old nikkor lenses except my recently acquired samyang 14mm f2,8. This is the first day.

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  • Very nice look!

    Just love the combination of Intravenus + old Nikon lenses. Looks like a classic movie to me!

    Could you tell us please:

    Which are the exact lenses u used and is this Intravenus I or II ?

  • Thanks! More parts will be up as soon as my friend finishes composing the music for it. I used Intravenus I and love it, haven't tested II yet, is it big difference between them?

    The lenses used in this first part is a nikkor 24mm f2 ais lens and a samyang 14mm f2,8 with nikon f mount. The first shot is with the 24mm, the shots after that until around 1:15 is with the 14mm and the rest of the footage is the 24mm again. I think they cut together nicely, im currently looking for an ND solution without MB for the samyang so i dont need to shoot at f16 in daylight.