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snow drops on my screen!!!!
  • Suddenly, I see very small white dots moving across my screen from the right side to the left, with a slight downward drift - this is on ALL personal view screens - this started early this morning, after I visited a PV screen with shots taken with the GH3 of horses in snowing conditions. I do not experience this on any other sites or applications. I have cleaned my Registry, and run a full Norton scan, found 23 tracking cookies, all of which have been deleted. HELP!

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  • You are doomed now.

    It is special visual virus spreading via vimeo.

  • And once I have entered this post, on this post, the "snow drops" are falling straight down on this post's screen!

  • Goodness, Vitaliy, what an awesomely quick response! And yes, I was on Vimeo earlier this morning. Is there ANY way of removing it, short of rewriting my hard drive. I do have a full mirror image of this computer's hard drive, which is used solely for design and preperation of disc packaging, which is one month old, but of course I would loose everything I've done since (considerable!). And until and IF Vimeo cleans up their site, is it even safe to go there at all? Or just wait until Norton comes up with something (hopefully), to remove it?

    Whoops, tooooooooo many questions?

    Thanks for any response you might have!

  • Happy New Year! :o)

  • Happy New Year indeed!

  • @Davidz Perhaps the best solution is to do what bears do at this time of year - hibernate until spring!

    It "snows" every winter now, so just enjoy this time of year!!!

    Happy New Year to All on PV!!

  • I've found the solution!!!!!!!
    - visit official Panasonic website
    - download latest version of "VK snow removal tool" - start praying, put your GH1, GH2, all G's and alpha's&Nex's (still to come, but saver do it now)
    - continue praying, put all your garlic, crucifixes and pics of your loved ones (in RAW format)
    - flash the tool onto your PC, Mac or Android and DON'T TOUCH ANY BUTTON WHILE UPDATING

    After unsuccessful removal of VK from your minds, wish him good health, don't forget to donate him something for hosting this fun site and many things to come ;-)

    Happy new year everybody!

  • It's a mess with your head annual event. I think brought to u by the hack master VK.

  • Yup it remind me another year

  • You obviously haven't moved your mouse to the right side of the screen yet. That is the solution. You will no longer see snowflakes going from right to left. :-)

  • Hey guys, isn't it snowing yet here?? VK, how can it be?

    Happy New Year to all of you, dear forum mates! Good health in 2015!

  • Hey guys, isn't it snowing yet here?? VK, how can it be?

    Will be tomorrow. Want 2015 to start with good thing.

  • Thanks ;-) good start, let it be good year!

  • Old tread revived, just on time! ;-) traditionally.
    I love this forum!