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GH3 live view during longer exposure time
  • Hi,

    I want to make the following picturew iwth the GH3:

    and here the tutorial:

    2 problems I have with the GH3 there: When I want to make a picture that starts out of focus, it automatoically focusses what I push the button. I have set the menue from "Focus" to "Release" but no difference. OK, I can search for a target elswhere and then refocus or use manual focus mode, so that is possible.

    But the 2nd problem is a hard one: When I do a longe time exposure, for example 3 seconds or also "B" Bulb mode, during the taking of the picture, the live viwe is gone. So how can I refocus then? I have to do it blind, trying before hand where it is is focus like written in the tutorial, but he used a 5D Mark II. So he has a mirror. We don't have one and still have no picture.

    Does anybody know, how to keep the picture on the screen while taking the picture? Any assistance would be helpful.

    (Possible before December 31st, beause ther I would like to try it :-)

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  • My suggestion would be to use a manual lens together with a follow focus that is marked for focus and out of focus using the procedure the tutorial describes. The next thing I would do is set up the internal intervalometer for 1 second exposures at 2 second intervals and let it run for the duration of the 5-10 minute firework display. Then you will only have to manage your focus in and out based on your markings and listening for the shutter to fire and leave the rest to the camera and chance. At the end of the event you will be able to extract your still photos while also having the option to combine them into an epic timelapse sequence. I suggest this type of shooting because I don't think there is a way to overcome the display blackout during longer exposures. Happy shooting!